Who is Sanjay Mortimer? Cause of Death, Obituary, Career, and Net Worth

Sanjay Mortimer was a visionary leader who impacted 3D printing alongside David Lamb and Joshua Rowley. Thanks to his efforts, E3D Online has grown from a simple hobby to a globally recognized enterprise.

But his success was never just about the bottom line. He was passionate about sharing knowledge and building a community where others could learn from his experiences.

Today, that community is thriving, inspiring a new generation of innovators to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology. His legacy lives on through his leadership and vision, helping to shape the future of this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

Anyone in our industry immediately recognized him, and for good reason. For the past decade, he has dedicated himself to revolutionizing how humanity produces goods. Despite his ambitious goals, he was always approachable and eager to engage with others.

Over the years, I was fortunate enough to spend time with him at trade shows and in more relaxed settings like dinners and lunches. It was always evident that his passion for innovation was unwavering, and it was inspiring to see his vision beginning to shape the industry as a whole.

Sanjay Mortimer Obituary

With sadness, E3D is announcing the death of one of our founding members, Sanjay Mortimer. He was a legend in the industry, known for his pioneering work in FDM 3D printing, and his contributions to E3D were invaluable.

As one of our founders, he played a crucial role in our early developments, and as we grew, his expertise remained essential to our engineering team. His passing is a significant loss to E3D and the 3D printing industry.

He will be remembered not only for his technical innovations but also for his warm and generous spirit. E3D extends our sympathies to his family and friends during this difficult time. Over the last decade, E3D has been diligently building a team of experts in extrusion-system engineering.

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With him at the helm, this team has become world-leading. E3D has grand plans to revolutionize manufacturing as we know it, and his team is poised to make that vision a reality. His dedication and expertise have been invaluable to E3D’s success.


He was a man whose passion for learning and sharing was palpable to anyone who crossed his path. Throughout his early career in education, he took every opportunity to teach others, and his love for technology would only amplify this trait.

It was on a training course where he met fellow co-founder David, and together, they began to develop HotEnds, a technology that would change the game for 3D printing. But his impact didn’t stop there.

His legacy is also found in the countless individuals he inspired to learn more and become active community members. He had a way of making complex concepts easy to understand, and his eagerness to help others understand was genuinely remarkable.

His passion lives on in the company he formed and in the hearts of all those he influenced throughout his life. He co-founded E3D and played a crucial role in the company’s success.

The roadmap he designed at E3D still guides the company today, and his contributions have led to the announcement of the highly acclaimed Revo project. Although his loss is deeply felt, his fellow co-founders, Joshua and David, will continue leading the company and realizing Sanjay’s vision.

A Heart Open

Upon posting a YouTube video about my project, Sanjay unexpectedly reached out to express his excitement for what I was working on. As a graduate student, I spent countless late nights in the school building, tinkering away with my project.

He is kind words encouraged me to take my project to the Midwest RepRap Festival in 2019. The night before the festival began, I encountered Sanjay waiting patiently at the bar. His grin was unmistakable as he recognized me and bought me a beer.

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We shared a table with his crew, bonding over our excitement for the event. This chance encounter highlights the power of community within our passions and the potential for unexpected connections to propel us toward our goals.

At that moment, he revealed himself to be more than just an enthusiastic advocate of his company’s work. He showed himself to be warm and genuine, interested in the people around him.

What struck me was how effortlessly he connected with others, regardless of who they were or what they did. To him, every person had something to offer, and he embraced each individual with an open mind and heart.

It was a remarkable quality that made me appreciate him and realize his practical approach to business and life. Whether you were an expert in 3D printing or someone who knew nothing about it, Sanjay treated everyone the same – with kindness and respect.

Net Worth

When he passed away, he was just 32 years old. Young when he left this world. Furthermore, nothing is known regarding his private life. As a result, we are unsure of whether he has a wife. Again, his net worth is unknown. Nevertheless, we think it was in the millions.

Cause of Death

Recently, news broke about the passing of an individual who had an immense impact on the lives of those around him. Though the cause of death has yet to be revealed, the immediate reaction of those who knew him was one of shock and heartbreak.

Everyone is remembering his outstanding deeds, as they reflect the kindness and generosity he showed to others.

Despite it being a week since his passing, his family is still struggling to come to terms with the loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones during this difficult time, and we stand with them in their mourning.

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The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation Rising Star Award winner, Zac Smith, addresses TCT.

The TCT Awards have always been highly anticipated for the engineering industry, but in 2023, there was an added sense of excitement and anticipation. TCT had teamed up with the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation to launch a new award, the TCT Sanjay Mortimer Foundation Rising Star Award.

This award was created specifically to recognize the achievements of an up-and-coming neurodivergent young person who has shown exceptional promise in the engineering field by spotlighting these talented individuals.

The award aims to encourage and inspire others to pursue their passions in STEM, regardless of their neurodivergent status. With his Foundation’s support, the engineering industry’s future looks brighter.

At just sixteen years old, Zac Smith has achieved quite an impressive accomplishment, having been nominated by his teachers and chosen as the inaugural recipient of an award that includes the prize of a cutting-edge Prusa 3D printer.

This is no small feat, especially considering that Smith was among the youngest nominees for this prestigious award. Moreover, as the accolade winner, Smith will be allowed to become an SMF (Small Manufacturers’ Forum) Star.

This grants him exclusive access to grants, training, and other resources that will help him continue his trajectory of success. It is a well-deserved honor that speaks volumes about his potential and the hard work he has already put in to flourish at such a young age.


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