Bobby Goodson Swamp – Age, Wiki, Bio and Obituary

Bobby Goodson Swamp is a man who found his true calling in life. Although many people might find working in a swamp unappealing, Bobby saw it as an opportunity.

He decided to specialize in swamp logging, owning his successful logging company based in Jacksonville, North Carolina. His hard work and expertise in the field were recognized when he was chosen to be featured on Discovery Channel’s popular show “Swamp Loggers.”

Bobby’s passion for nature and his experience and dedication have made him a notable figure in the logging industry. His story is a testament to the importance of pursuing your dreams, no matter where they may lead you.

Bobby’s journey to reality TV stardom was far from conventional. Coming from a long line of loggers, he seemed unlikely to gain national attention for his antics on a TV show. However, his upbringing wasn’t without its tumultuous moments.

As a young boy, he was partying with kids much older than him and attending school under the influence. Bobby’s past was filled with drug and alcohol abuse, and he admits that having a day without indulging in some form of substance was rare.

Despite these rough beginnings, Bobby managed to date many girls throughout his teenage years. His relationship with Lori was particularly volatile, proving that Bobby’s early struggles would follow him into adulthood.

Bobby Goodson Swamp Obituary

He was Born on December 28, 1945, in Chiefland, Florida; Bobby was raised with six brothers, who continued the tradition of working with wood. Bobby’s family taught him the value of hard work and perseverance, traits he would carry with him throughout his career as a logger.

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Family and friends of Marvin “Bobby” Leo Goodson will gather to say their goodbyes at Jones Funeral Home in Jacksonville this Tuesday, December 17, from 6 to 8 p.m. The following day, on Wednesday, December 18, at 2 p.m., the funeral service will occur in the exact location.

While it is a tough time for those who knew and loved Marvin, the opportunity to come together and celebrate his life will be meaningful. After the service, he will rest in Onslow Memorial Park. Though the loss of Marvin will undoubtedly be felt by many, his memory will live on through those who knew him.

Donations to the Sandy Plains Free Will Baptist Church Benevolence fund, which supports local needy families, may be made instead of flowers. You can donate by mail to 949 NC HWY 241, Pink Hill, NC 28572, or online at; pick the Benevolence Fund under Online Giving.

Why did Swamp Loggers get cancelled?

Reruns of the series are presently airing on US Network Quest. Goodson’s All Terrain Logging closed in the middle of 2022, claiming excessive fuel expenses as the cause of the closure. Regular updates are still made to their Facebook page.

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