Jasmine Kenny – Young Model, Obituary, Funeral & Cause of Death

Jasmine Kenny was a young model and lead artist with a bright future ahead of her. At only 28, she had already achieved much success in her field. However, tragically, her life was cut short when she was killed in her own home in Forest Park, Killygordan.

An investigation later revealed that she died due to a lack of oxygen in her brain. The police have since suspected her husband, Richard Burke, of her murder. The couple shared two children, making the news even more heartbreaking.

It is a devastating loss, and Jasmine Kenny will be deeply missed by those who knew her and followed her career. Recently, sources revealed that Jasmine Kenny had considered contacting the police shortly before her tragic death on the outskirts of Killygordon, Ireland.

With the investigation in full swing, the case was opened at Letterkenny Corner’s Court on Wednesday to discover the truth behind her passing.

While the details of the case remain undisclosed, authorities are continuing to gather evidence to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Kenny’s untimely demise. With this development, many individuals hoped for justice and answers for their families and loved ones.

Jasmine Kenny Obituary

Jasmine’s untimely passing left those close to her in shock and distress. Following her death, her body was taken to Letterkenny General Hospital for an after-death assessment. During the evaluation, it was discovered that Jasmine had died of cerebral anoxia.

Dr. Denies McCauley, who had been long acquainted with Jasmine due to her status as his patient, delivered the news of her passing and took care of the necessary procedures associated with her death.

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Despite the devastating news, it is encouraging to see the dedicated efforts made by medical professionals to understand the cause of Jasmine’s passing. Such knowledge can help bring closure and understanding to those impacted by her loss.

The criminal preliminary for Jasmine’s death began on 10 June 2020. This case has drawn widespread attention, prompting a lengthy waitlist for criminal trials. In March 2021, Dr McCausley agreed to assist in the ongoing investigation of Jasmine’s untimely death.

The Director of Public Prosecutions office has been working tirelessly to ensure that all parties in this case receive a fair trial. While details of the case are still unfolding, it is clear that there is a solid effort to get to the bottom of what happened to Jasmine.


The details surrounding the death of Bush Kenny have recently come to light, revealing that the cause of death was cerebral anoxia. Married to Richard Burke and a parent to two children, the loss has understandably been devastating for his family.

The Kenny family has been actively involved in seeking justice for another tragedy that has impacted them – the death of their little girl, Jasmine.

They have been attending the criminal trial for Jasmine’s death, which began in October 2020, determined to see justice served. With updates on this case and other important news, stay tuned to TheGossipsWorld for insightful reporting.

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