Diane Ducharme – Obituary, Tiger King Doc, Parents and Siblings

Diane Ducharme is an author who is thriving as she continues to write and publish several books. However, lately, she has gained attention for a different reason. In the docuseries “Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story,”

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Dianne was featured as the mother of Radha Hirsch, who was once married to Doc Antle. She spoke positively of Antle, claiming that he was a trustworthy individual.

Antle’s controversial personal life, which includes three marriages and accusations of assault, has caused speculation and interest in his past and present connections. Despite the sudden surge in media attention, Ducharme remains focused on her flourishing career in the literary world.

Dianne Ducharme Obituary

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Diane Ducharme, King of Midland Park, New Jersey. Diane’s life came to a close on March 6, 2018. Our hearts are heavy as we remember this dear soul who touched many lives.

To pay tribute to her memory, please leave a sympathy message for her beloved family on the memorial page dedicated to her honor. Giving comfort to those who are bereaved is an integral part of the grieving process, and your kind thoughts will provide a source of strength for their healing. Thank you for keeping Diane’s family in your thoughts during this difficult time.

She was predeceased by her parents, Guy and Margaret Ducharme, and her brothers, Craig and Paul Ducharme. Although they have left this world, their memories will forever be treasured by all who knew them.

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Despite this loss, her daughter Karen Ducharme and daughter-in-law Gina Assisi continue to carry on her legacy. Additionally, a furry companion named Sassy will undoubtedly miss her dearly.

Doc Antle Story

Dianne’s interview clips in the docuseries Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story have certainly left viewers intrigued and wanting to know more about her. Dianne shared a fascinating detail about her daughter Radha’s attempt to marry Doc Antle, a well-known tiger trainer.

Radha had to relocate for work frequently, so she spent more time with Antle, ultimately leading to her trying to tie the knot with him.

This insight into Dianne’s personal life certainly sparked curiosity among viewers keen to know more about her experiences and relationships with the characters in the docuseries.

When Dianne noticed that her daughter was romantically involved with Radha, she took bold steps to safeguard her daughter’s future. She moved her daughter out of Virginia, where the relationship began, and enrolled her in Saint Monica’s Catholic High School in a different city.

Dianne never anticipated that Radha would return to Doc Antle and forge her father’s signature to marry him while underage.

The marriage between Radha and Doc occurred when Radha was only 15 years old while Doc was 26. Given the circumstances, Dianne’s actions seem both reasonable and prudent.


Where Does She Live?

Diane preferred to remain anonymous while living. Her daughter, however, was a resident of Arizona.

Who Are Her Parents and Siblings?

Diane kept her life off-screen and spoke exclusively about Doc Antle and her kid on the show.

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Is Diane Ducharme On IG, Facebook?

Have you been trying to find her on social media but keep running into dead ends? We can relate. After sifting through numerous profiles with her name on Instagram and Facebook, including handles like @ducharme_diane and @dianaducharme.

We could not locate the one belonging to the Tiger King celebrity. It can be frustrating to feel like you’re hitting a wall, but don’t give up. Keep searching; hopefully, you’ll stumble upon the real Diane Ducharme soon enough.

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