Ondriel Smith Sentenced – Why Tulsa Man Facing Death Penalty?

Ondriel Smith Sentenced is a name that will forever remain in infamy in Tulsa. The reason for that is that Smith was involved in an alarming crime that left two people dead.

Smith was found guilty for the murder of Keith and Glynn Williams, who were both shot and killed in a parking slot near East Skelly. Smith’s actions were deemed so heinous that he was sentenced to death.

However, the tragedy didn’t end there as a charge was also issued against his murderer, who was affiliated with the Tulsa County jail employee assault. The story of Ondriel Smith is a reminder of the dark side of human nature and the devastating impact it can have on the lives of others.

Was Ondriel Smith Sentenced to Tulsa, charges dropped?

Ondriel Layson Smith’s name has been in the headlines since he was accused of murdering Keith and Glynn Williams in a Tulsa parking lot. The shocking incident led to his arrest in September 2018, and he has been held in jail ever since.

However, court documents show that Smith has been facing additional charges of felony after felony, all related to his alleged misconduct while in custody. It’s a complicated and concerning situation and one that is sure to captivate the attention of legal experts and the public alike.

After a string of violent offenses and the alleged murder of two individuals, the District Attorney in Tulsa, Steve Kunzweiler, has called for the death penalty in the case of James D. Smith. Smith is accused of shooting five people within 33 days, resulting in the deaths of two of them.

Who was the Victim?

Despite these crimes, Smith has maintained his innocence and even claims that Glynn Williams, his latest victim, was killed as a measure of self-preservation. The case has garnered widespread attention for its violent nature and potential punishment.

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With the fate of James D. Smith in the balance, all eyes are on the court as it seeks to provide justice for the victims and those affected by these heinous crimes. The legal troubles keep piling up for Smith, who is now facing additional charges of assaulting a custody officer in Tulsa County.


Smith allegedly had another inmate splash urine on the officer in a disturbing and disrespectful act. This charge comes on top of the two counts of shooting with the intent to kill that Smith is already facing, as well as an accusation of shooting his ex-partner during an argument.

With each new charge, Smith’s legal situation becomes more serious, and the potential consequences grow more severe. The investigation into these different incidents is ongoing, and it remains to be seen what the outcome will be for Smith and those affected by his actions.

Smith is currently facing serious charges, including threatening a violent act against two officers who seized his contraband items. Court documents reveal that he threatened to kill these officers after they took his cannabis, cell phone, and charger.

Possession of prohibited items is not taken lightly, and Smith’s additional charge for threatening violence makes his situation even more severe.

It is important to remember that any threats made against law enforcement officers are taken very seriously and can result in severe consequences. The court will be closely examining the details of this case and will ensure justice is served accordingly.

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