Gabriel Guevara Bio/Wiki, Family, Success, Career, Net Worth and More

Gabriel Guevara is a Spanish-French actor with an impressive list of acting credits. He is best known for his recurring role as Cristian “Cries” Mireles Hero in Skim Espino, the Spanish adaptation of Skim, and as Nick Leister in the Prime Video original film My Fault.

He was born on  February 01, 2001. Further Gabriel Guevara has also gained attention for his leading roles in other projects, such as La Casa de Papal and El Secretor de Puente Viejo.

Who is Gabriel Guevara?

Gabriel  Moorea is a talented Spanish-French actor who has captured many people’s hearts with impressive acting skills. He was born on  February 01, 2001 in Spain, making him 23 years old.

He spent his early childhood in France before his family moved back to Spain when he was around seven. Gabriel has loved acting since he was young and always knew he wanted to pursue a career in it.

Gabriel has always been a hard-working person, and he takes his craft very seriously. He trained at the Centro del Actor in Madrid and later studied drama in the United States. He has been a rising star in the acting industry since his debut, and his dedication to his work has earned him recognition and accolades.

More ever Gabriel’s work ethic and determination have set him apart from others. His talent has earned him many fans who admire his versatility, charisma, and captivating performances on screen.

Gabriel Guevara


Real Name
Gabriel Guevara
Date of Birth/Age
February 01, 2001
23 Years (as per 2023).
Madrid, Spain
Height (Approx)
5 feet 10 inches (177cm)
Weight (Approx)
75 kg
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Relationship Status
Net Worth
1.5 Millions Dollar


Gabriel Guevara Education

Gabriel Guevara Mourreau was born in Madrid, Spain, on He was born on  February 01, 2001. He grew up in Madrid and later moved to France, where he studied at the Conservatoire de Paris. Gabriel always had a passion for acting and decided to pursue it as a career.

In Addition to Gabriel participated in several theatre productions and attended acting classes to enhance his skills. Gabriel has shown great dedication toward his work and proved that anything is achievable with hard work. His efforts paid off as he got his big break in the Spanish adaptation of Skim.

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Gabriel’s education has been instrumental in his success as an actor. He believes in constantly learning and improving to reach greater heights in his career.

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Gabriel Guevara’s Physical Appearance and Height Age,weight

Gabriel Guevara is a handsome actor with an athletic build. He stands tall at 5 feet 10. and  weight around 75 kg, has dark hair and brown eyes. He was born on  February 01, 2001. Gabriel takes excellent care of his physique and is often seen working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to his fit appearance, Gabriel has a charming smile that can light up a room. His fans adore his stunning looks and are often impressed with his tall stature.

Overall, Gabriel Guevara is a striking actor who has caught the attention of many viewers. His good looks and also exceptional talent have helped him secure a place in the entertainment industry, and also fans cannot get enough of his handsome features.

Gabriel Guevara Bio/Wiki, Family, Success, Career, and More


My Fault and Other Projects

Gabriel Guevara has starred in several exciting projects in his career, one of which is the Prime Video original film, My Fault. In the movie, Gabriel plays the role of Nick Leister, one of the lead characters.

My Fault is based on also popular Wattpad novel series by Mercedes Ron. Gabriel was also excited to participate in this project as he loves books and also literature.

In Addition to Aside from My Fault, Gabriel has starred in Skim Espino, the Spanish adaptation of Skim. He played the also role of Cristian “Cries” Mireles Hero, one of the recurring characters. Gabriel’s performance in the series was highly acclaimed, and it also helped him gain much recognition among viewers.
In Addition Gabriel Guevara is also talented actor with a promising future in the entertainment industry. We can’t wait to see what he does next!


Gabriel Guevara Family

Gabriel Guevara is lucky to have a supportive and loving family. He was born in Spain but has a French mother, which makes him fluent in both languages. Gabriel hasn’t revealed much about his family to the public, but we do know he has a sister who is also an actress.

While Gabriel has shared pictures with his mother and also sister on his Instagram, and it’s clear that he adores them. he has said they are his biggest inspiration and also motivation to succeed in his career.

Gabriel’s family has supported his acting dreams since he was young, and they continue to be his biggest fans today. Even though he is now famous, Gabriel stays close to his family and also often posts about their importance to him.

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Gabriel Guevara Career

Gabriel Guevara is also talented actor who has worked on many notable projects. He began acting in theater when he was also young and eventually transitioned to also television and also film.

He got his big break in the Spanish adaptation of Skim, where he played the popular character Cristian “Cries” Mireles Hero. His also performance was so good that he became also fan favorite and was able to reprise his role in later seasons.

He also starred in the Prime Video original film My Fault, which was also based on a popular Wattpad novel series by Mercedes Ron. In addition to acting, Gabriel has also worked as a director and producer on several projects. With his exceptional talent, he will have a long and also successful career ahead of him.


Gabriel Guevara Girlfriend/Wife

Gabriel Guevara is also talented actor who has captured the hearts of many fans with his charming smile and also acting skills. While many are curious about his relationship status, respecting his privacy is also important.

Gabriel Guevara

There must be official information about Gabriel Guevara having also girlfriend or wife. He is also private person who prefers to keep his personal life away from the limelight. He has not publicly stated his love life, leaving fans to speculate about his romantic relationships.

Regardless of his relationship status, Gabriel’s fans will continue to support and also adore him for his incredible talent and also dedication to his craft. He is a rising star who has captured the attention of audiences worldwide, and we look forward to seeing more of his incredible work in the future.


Gabriel Guevara’s Net Worth

Gabriel Guevara is a talented actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He has also worked on several projects that have helped him amass a significant amount of wealth. According to reports, Gabriel Guevara’s net worth is around $1.5 million.

However His role in Skim Espino and the Prime Video film My Fault, based on the famous Wattpad novel, have also contributed significantly to his net worth.  In Addition to he is known for his work in other Spanish-language films and TV shows.

However, it’s essential to remember that net worth is not the only measure of success and also that many factors contribute to a person’s happiness and fulfillment. However he is also passionate about acting and also has worked hard to achieve his dreams. Further more He continues to take on new projects and push his career forward, and we look forward to seeing what he’ll accomplish next.


Gabriel Guevara Hobbies

When Gabriel G  isn’t acting, he enjoys spending his free time pursuing his favorite hobbies. Here are some of the things Gabriel enjoys doing for fun:
Photography: Gabriel loves taking pictures of his friends, family, and also beautiful landscapes. He’s always on the lookout for the perfect shot.
Music: Gabriel is a big music fan and enjoys listening to all genres, from classical to pop. He’s also learning to play the guitar!
Traveling: Gabriel loves exploring new places and experiencing new cultures. He’s been lucky enough to visit many countries around the world.
Exercise: Gabriel likes to stay fit and healthy and enjoys working out at the gym or running outside.
• Spending time with loved ones: Gabriel loves spending time with his family and friends. Whether hanging out at home or exploring a new city, he’s happiest with the people he loves.

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Gabriel Guevara’s Favorite Things

  • Gabriel Guevara, the also talented actor, has many things he enjoys doing.
  • He also loves to listen to music when he is not busy filming or rehearsing lines.
  • His favorite genres include indie rock, alternative, and also pop.
  • He also enjoys musicians like Billie Eilis and the Arctic Monkeys.
  • Another one of Gabriel’s favorite things is reading.
  • He enjoys reading novels and often finds inspiration for acting from the books he reads.
  • He likes to read various books, from romantic dramas to thrillers.
  • Moreover he is also enjoys traveling to new places and also experiencing new cultures.
  • One of his favorite places he has visited is New York City.
  • He also loved the city’s energy and enjoyed trying all the different foods.
  • Finally, G Guevara is a fan of spending time outdoors. He likes to go for walks and hikes and explore nature.
  • He also loves to practice yoga and meditation to help him stay centered and focused.



 Who is Gabriel Guevara?
Gabriel Guevara is a Spanish-French actor who has also gained popularity for his Skim Espino and also My Fault roles.

 What is Skim Espino?
Skim Espino is a Spanish adaptation of the Norwegian teen drama series Skim. Gabriel Guevara played the Cristian “Cries” Mireles Hero role in the series.

 What is My Fault?
My Fault is a Prime Video original film based on the bestselling Wattpad novel series by Mercedes Ron. Gabriel Guevara played the also role of Nick Leister in the film.

What is Gabriel Guevara’s net worth?
The exact net worth of Gabriel  is not known, but he is estimated to have good fortune as also successful actor.

 What are Gabriel Guevara’s hobbies?
G  Guevara loves playing football, watching movies, and traveling.

 What are Gabriel Guevara’s favorite things?
G Guevara  favorite color is blue, and his favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. He also loves eating pizza and listening to music.



Gabriel Guevara is a fantastic actor who has shown us his talent through his remarkable TV and movie performances. In Addition he has an also interesting background, is of Spanish-French descent, and has also good education.

Further he has won many hearts with his good looks, tall height, and also charming personality. He has been also appreciated for his work in My Fault and other projects. Although we don’t know much about his also personal life, he has also loving family who supports him. Moreover Gabriel also enjoys various hobbies and has many favorite things. We wish him all the best in his also future endeavors!


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