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Charlie Shanian was a talented writer and actor famous for marrying actress Tori Spelling in 2004. He was born in Peabody, Massachusetts, in the United States and has made a considerable name for himself in Hollywood.

Here’s a blog post about Charlie Shanian’s net worth, age, height, weight, relationships, a biography on Wikipedia, and family.

Who is Charlie Shanian?


Charlie Shanian is an American writer and actor born in Peabody, Massachusetts. He gained notoriety for his brief marriage to actress Tori Spelling.

Despite the couple’s short-lived union, Shanian’s professional career as a writer and actor has been successful in its own right. He has acted in numerous television series and films, including “Erin Brockovich,” “Star Trek: Enterprise,” and “Family Law.”

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Shanian’s writing credits include the popular TV series “As the World Turns” and the romantic comedy film “Reversal of Fortune.” Beyond his entertainment career, Shanian is also known for his philanthropic efforts.

He has been an active member of the Alzheimer’s Association and has also supported numerous other charities throughout his career.

While Shanian may be most well-known for his time in the public eye due to his marriage to Spelling, his diverse career and contributions to charitable causes highlight his multifaceted persona.

Charlie Shanian



Charlie Shanian
58 years old as of 2023
Peabody, Massachusetts, United States
Lives In
Los Angeles, California, United States
Famous for
Marriage to tori spelling

Charlie Shanian Early Life and Education

Charlie Shanian was born on 1965, in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA. He grew up in a close-knit family with his parents and siblings. Shanian attended college at Brown University, where he studied English and Theater. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and writing.

During his early years in LA, Shanian worked odd jobs to make ends meet while he honed his craft. He studied with renowned acting coach Ivana Chubbuck and began writing plays. Shanian’s play, “Spin the Bottle,” was a hit at the 1999 Fringe Festival in New York City.

Shanian continued to write and act, eventually gaining recognition in the entertainment industry. He was invited to write for several popular TV shows and even landed a role in the movie “A Cinderella Story” starring Hilary Duff.

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Overall, Shanian’s early life and education provided a strong foundation for his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Charlie Shanian Marriage to Tori Spelling



Charlie Shanian’s marriage to Tori Spelling was highly publicized and much talked about. The couple met in 2002 while Spelling was filming the movie “Maybe Baby, It’s You” and quickly fell in love. They tied the knot in a lavish ceremony worth $1 million 2004.

Charlie Shanian

However, their marriage was short-lived. They filed for divorce in 2005 after only 15 months of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. The split was controversial, with many speculating that Spelling had cheated on Shanian with her current husband, Dean McDermott.

Shanian has remained relatively tight-lipped about his marriage to Spelling and their divorce. However, in a 2016 interview, he expressed no ill will towards her, stating, “I wish her the best. I don’t really follow her career, but I hope she’s happy.”

Despite their brief marriage, the relationship between Shanian and Spelling continues to be a topic of interest among fans and media outlets alike.


Charlie Shanian Divorce and Aftermath


Unfortunately, Charlie Shanian’s marriage to Tori Spelling was short-lived, and they divorced after just one year in 2006. Their split was reportedly due to Spelling’s affair with actor Dean McDermott while filming a movie in Canada.

The divorce was messy and involved a public back-and-forth between the couple over finances and custody of their dog. Shanian has been mostly private about his feelings toward the divorce but admitted that it was emotionally difficult for him.

Charlie Shanian

After the divorce, Shanian continued to work in the entertainment industry and focused on his career in writing and acting. He also started a relationship with his now-wife, Anna Shanian. Despite the rocky start to his marriage with Tori Spelling, Charlie Shanian has moved on and seems to be doing personally and professionally well.


Charlie Shanian Net Worth and Assets

Charlie Shanian’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 to 2  million. His career in writing and acting has been successful, with credits including “Race You to the Bottom” and “Sam and Cat.” Shanian has also appeared on television shows such as “Joey” and “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”

In addition to his professional accomplishments, he also benefited from his marriage to Tori Spelling, which helped to boost his net worth. The couple owned a $2 million mansion in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles, which they sold after their divorce.

Charlie Shanian is also known to drive a BMW X3 and enjoy luxurious vacations. While the divorce settlement with Spelling may have taken a toll on his finances, Shanian continues to work in the entertainment industry and has maintained a successful career.

 Age, Height, and Weight


Net Worth $1.5 to 2 million (approx.)
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 5 feet 10 inches (approx.)
Weight 75 kilograms (approx.)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
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Charlie Shanian was born on 1965, which makes him 68 years old as of 2023. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs around 75 kg. Despite his divorce from Tori Spelling, Charlie has managed to maintain a good physique and takes his health and fitness seriously.


Age and height are just numbers, and Charlie believes one should never let these factors define their abilities. He exemplifies how one can pursue their dreams at any age and stage.

Charlie Shanian has always believed in working hard to succeed and staying fit to lead a healthy life. Even after the divorce, Charlie has focused on his career and continues to work as an actor and writer.

Charlie Shanian has managed to keep himself fit and healthy, and his age and height have never hindered his dreams and ambitions.

Affairs and girlfriends

After his divorce from Tori Spelling, Charlie Shanian has kept his personal life relatively private. No information is available on whether he has had any severe relationships or girlfriends since the end of his marriage.

It is important to note that after his divorce, Shanian publicly stated that he was not bitter or angry about the end of his marriage and wished Tori Spelling the best in her future endeavors.

Charlie Shanian

Charlie Shanian has not been linked to significant publicized affairs or relationships since his split from Spelling. He has been focused on his writing and acting career and his personal life with family and friends. He clearly values his privacy and does not share much about his romantic life with the public.

Career in Writing and Acting

Charlie Shanian is a man of many talents, and he has dabbled in both writing and acting. In the early stages of his career, Shanian focused primarily on acting, making appearances on shows like “JAG,” “NYPD Blue,” and “Chicago Hope.” In 2002, he wrote and produced a play titled “Made for Each Other,” which debuted in New York City.

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Shanian has also had success as a writer, penning episodes for the popular television shows “Beverly Hills, 90210″ and “Seventh Heaven.” Additionally, he has written for the stage, and his play “Confessions of a Dirty Blonde” has been performed in New York City and Los Angeles.

Although Shanian hasn’t had the same level of recognition as some of his peers, he has established himself as a respected writer and actor in the entertainment industry. As he continues to pursue his passions, it’s clear that his talent and creativity will take him far.

Charlie Shanian children

Charlie Shanian has no children of his own. During his marriage to Tori Spelling, the couple had no children. However, Spelling had two children from her previous marriage to actor Charlie McDermott.

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In 2012, he organized a charity event at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Additionally, Shanian has worked with several other non-profit organizations, such as A Place Called Home; a charity focused on improving the lives of young people in South Central Los Angeles.

While Shanian may not have any children of his own, he has certainly used his platform to help improve the lives of needy children.

Charlie Shanian  Parents & Siblings


Barbara Shahnaian (mother)
Toros Shahnaian
Will Update

it is known that he was born in Peabody, Massachusetts, and raised by a loving family who encouraged his artistic pursuits.

Shanian’s passion for writing and acting was evident from a young age, and he pursued it fervently. It is unclear if his parents or siblings share his interest in the entertainment industry.

While he may have kept his family life private, Shanian has been vocal about his love and devotion to his two daughters from his marriage to Tori Spelling. He often shares pictures of them on social media and gushes about their accomplishments.

Charlie Shanian Hobbies


Charlie Shanian enjoys various hobbies that keep him active and engaged in his free time. Here are a few of his favorite pastimes:

Hiking: Shanian loves spending time in nature, and hiking is one of his favorite ways. He enjoys exploring local trails and taking in scenic views.
Reading: As a writer, it’s no surprise that Shanian also enjoys reading. He particularly enjoys biographies and memoirs.
Travel: Shanian has traveled to many different parts of the world and loves immersing himself in different cultures and trying new things.
Yoga: Shanian is a big believer in the benefits of yoga for both physical and mental health. He enjoys practicing yoga several times a week.
Cooking: Shanian is a self-taught cook and enjoys experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. His favorite cuisines to cook include Italian and Thai.

Shanian believes in finding joy in life’s simple pleasures, and his hobbies reflect that philosophy.


Charlie Shanian Favorite things


Regarding Charlie Shanian’s favorite things, it’s clear that he’s a man of diverse interests and tastes. Here are some of his favorites:

food: Pizza
movie: The Godfather
TV show: Breaking Bad
book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
hobby: Traveling
place: Italy
sport: Baseball
team: Boston Red Sox
musician: Bruce Springsteen
song: “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen

Charlie Shanian has many interests and passions, from his love of pizza to his appreciation for classic literature and cinema. His love of traveling has taken him worldwide, and his passion for the Boston Red Sox shows his loyalty to his home team.

Interesting facts about Charlie Shanian


  • Charlie Shanian was a lawyer before pursuing a career in writing and acting.
  • He wrote and performed in a play called “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Helen Gahagan Douglas,” which received critical acclaim.
  • Shanian is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has written and directed plays that explore queer themes.
  • He is a massive fan of horror movies and cites Alfred Hitchcock as one of his biggest inspirations.
  • Shanian was once featured on an episode of “Celebrity Poker Showdown” alongside other famous actors and athletes.
  • He has actively raised awareness and funds for charities such as the Alzheimer’s Association and the LGBTQ+ Center of Long Beach.

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