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Taylor Ann Green is a reality TV star from Asheville, North Carolina. Born October 14, 1994, she graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, hospitality, and tourism management from Appalachian State University.

Her professional journey began with her role as a clinical assistant at Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics before switching to an account executive position at Associate Staffing.

Despite her young age, Taylor has achieved a lot in her career, and her dynamic personality has made her quite popular among fans of Southern Charm. Southern Charm fans were in for a treat when the 7th season premiered in October 2020.

Among the new additions to the cast was Taylor, who was introduced as co-star Shep Rose’s significant other. While viewers were intrigued by the new character, they had no idea she would become a permanent fixture on the show.

Taylor Ann Green Career

She is a well-known reality TV star who spent her childhood and youth with her parents in the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina, in the United States. She is among the exciting new members returning to Southern Charm season 8.

Recently, Ann made headlines after her affair with 40-year-old Sheep Rose came to light. This event occurred during a public appearance when the reality TV star hugged her boyfriend, Tyler Ann, and kissed him, confirming their relationship.

Despite this, Ann is excited to be back on Southern Charm, and fans can look forward to seeing her on their screens again. She has gained experience in various roles across several industries throughout her career.

Currently, she is an account executive at Associated Staffing and a clinical assistant for Kelley Orthodontics. Her experience includes working as a front desk clerk for Courtyard by Marriott Hotel for just under a year between 2014 and 2015.

She interned at The Biltmore firm in the human resources department and later served as an account manager for DIVERSANT, LLC. With her diverse background, she has acquired a wide range of skills and knowledge, making her a valuable asset in any workplace.

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Net Worth

Megan Green has established herself as a powerhouse in her career, earning an estimated salary between $70,000 – $125,000. However, her success doesn’t stop there. Boosted by her hard work and dedication, Green has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million.

She has a firm position in her industry, commanding not only respect but financial stability as well. As an accomplished professional, Green continues to thrive and inspire those around her to discover their paths to success.


She found her calling in the dental industry after completing her studies at Appalachian State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Hospitality, and Tourism Management. She decided to pursue a career in dental assisting.

She enrolled at Charlotte Dental Assisting School, where she honed her skills and acquired a certificate in dental assistance in 2019.

Her education and training in business and dentistry will undoubtedly serve her well in her future endeavors as she works to succeed and positively impact the dental field. With her diverse knowledge and passion for helping others, she is sure to make a difference in the lives of her patients.


Asheville, North Carolina, is home to many families, including our protagonist’s family. Born and raised in this charming city, she had the opportunity to experience its many diverse offerings. Growing up, she was surrounded by love and support from her siblings, Catie King and Worthy Green.

She still shares a special bond with them to this day. While she has entered marital bliss with her spouse, it appears that Worthy is currently single and exploring his path in life.

While their lives may differ in some ways, one thing is sure – this family’s love and connection are unbreakable.


Taylor’s family and friends are mourning the loss of Richard Worthington Green, who passed away at the young age of 36 in June 2023. A statement released by the family expressed that Worth, as he was fondly known, left this world on a high note.

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He lived with a passion evident to everyone who knew him and cared deeply for those around him. The world has lost yet another bright and inspiring soul, but his memory will continue to live on in the hearts of those who loved him.


Ann Green’s older sister, Catie King, has been courageously fighting cancer for almost five years now. She was first diagnosed with two types of ovarian cancer, which she managed to beat after undergoing months of holistic treatment.

However, the cancer has returned, striking a devastating blow as Catie and her husband had hoped to start a family. In a heart-wrenching Instagram post, Taylor wrote about Catie’s courageous battle against cancer, describing her as a warrior.

While cancer is a dreadful disease that has affected many people, Catie continues to fight on, inspiring others with her bravery and determination. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. It can be crushing to receive news of a loved one facing yet another battle with an illness.

However, my sister, our loved one, cannot return from a challenge. She is ready to face this head-on with unwavering strength and determination. Our family has been blessed with the hope and faith that God will equip us with the tools necessary to overcome any obstacle.

We fully trust in His plan and unwavering love, knowing that my sister will emerge victorious again. Your prayers and support mean everything to us, and we are beyond grateful for the outpouring of love from those in our community.

Husband & Dating

Ann Green, better known as Green, has captured the heart of Southern Charm’s Shep Rose and transformed him into a completely different person. Not only has the reality TV bachelor found love, but he has also developed an odd new habit of wearing apparel similar to his girlfriend’s.

It appears that the couple is inseparable, even regarding fashion choices. She has been seen sporting similar outfits to Green’s, suggesting that the two are in sync on more than an emotional level.

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It is safe to say that this newfound love has brought out the best in Shep, and we can only wish them the best in their relationship.

Her Social Media Account details

Green is a social media specialist, constantly updating her platforms to keep her followers engaged. With over 4.6k followers on Twitter, 3.1k followers on Facebook, and 129k followers on Instagram, she has built a large and loyal following across multiple channels.

Green’s ability to harness the power and reach of social media is awe-inspiring. Her followers eagerly await her latest posts, often showcasing her unique perspective and relatable insights.

Whether she is sharing personal anecdotes or promoting various causes, Green’s social media presence is a testament to the power of modern-day networking.

How long was Taylor with Shep Rose?

Taylor and Shep Rose, two famous figures in Southern Charm, had a romantic relationship that lasted for two years. Speculations about their romantic involvement began surfacing after they shared several intimate pictures on Instagram.

Some fans questioned whether or not they were becoming a couple. As the hype grew, people’s curiosity intensified – were they together?

Only time could tell. When the highly anticipated 7th season of Southern Charm finally aired, the mystery was revealed, and everyone went into a frenzy over their relationship. Despite its relatively recent beginnings in March 2020, their two-year romance proved to be the talk of the town.


Who Is Taylor Ann Green Dating?

Taylor hasn’t dated anyone seriously since September 2023 but has been spotted hanging around with a few possible suitors. Among them is Rod Razavi, a real estate agent and recent addition to Southern Charm.

What happened to Taylor Ann Green’s brother?

She was stunned and grieved when her brother Worth unexpectedly departed in June 2023. She did not reveal the reason for his passing but instead paid a moving homage to him on Instagram.

Are Taylor and Olivia friends?

According to Taylor, their friendship is “surface level” now. “It’s certainly not what it was before.” Olivia said, “I don’t want the ‘Team Olivia,’ ‘Team Taylor’ thing,” at that moment.

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