Ookiiieee Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Ookiiieee is a fantastic person with many talents! Ookiiieee is an American gamer, Twitch streamer, Onlyfans Model, and influencer who has been making waves on the internet. She recently made headlines as one of her private onlyfans videos went viral. She was born in May 29, 2000.

Ookiiieee is very popular, and people are curious to learn more about her. Here, All these facts make Ookiiieee even more exciting, and she will undoubtedly continue to make headlines in the future!

Who is Ookiiieee?

Ookiiieee is a famous gamer and Twitch streamer who is loved by fans all around the world. She is known for her incredible gaming skills and entertaining personality. From a young age, Ookiiieee fell in love with video games and knew she wanted to make a career out of it. 

She has worked hard to become one of the most popular gamers in the industry, and her dedication has paid off. Ookiiieee has a strong and supportive fan base who admire her for her talent and authenticity. She continues to inspire and entertain her audience with her exciting gaming content.


Date of birth
23 years old
Educational qualifications
High School
Not known
Wife Name
Not known
Onlyfans model & Streamer
Height & Weight
Not known
Net Worth 2023

Ookiiieee Early Life and Eaduction

When Cookie was a little girl, she loved video games. She spent countless hours playing with her friends and honing her skills. Gaming became her passion, and she knew she wanted to pursue it as a career. 

In school, Ookiiieee was always eager to learn, especially when it came to technology and computer science. She excelled in her studies and was determined to make a name for herself in the gaming industry. Ookiiieee’s early life was filled with joy and determination, setting the stage for her incredible journey as a gamer and influencer.

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Ookiiieee Parents and Siblings

Ookiiieee has a loving family that supports her in her gaming career. While not much is known about her parents and siblings, it is clear that they have played a significant role in shaping Ookiiieee’s journey. Her parents have always encouraged her passion for gaming; her siblings have been her biggest cheerleaders.

 They have stood by her side as she pursued her dreams and achieved success in the gaming industry. Although specific details about her family may remain private, their support and love for Ookiiieee are evident in her continued dedication and growth as a gamer.

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Ookiiieee husband/boyfriend

Ookiiieee has not publicly disclosed any information about her romantic life, including whether she has a husband or boyfriend. She keeps her personal life private and focuses on her gaming career and connecting with her fans. While she may have a partner, it is unknown at this time. 


Ookiiieee’s fans admire her for her gaming skills and entertaining personality rather than her relationship status. Regardless of her romantic life, Ookiiieee continues to captivate her audience with her incredible gaming talent and vibrant energy.

Ookiiieee children

Ookiiieee is a talented and passionate gamer, but there is no information available about whether she has any children. She keeps her personal life private, so it is unknown if she is a mother or plans to have children in the future. 

Ookiiieee’s focus has been on her gaming career and connecting with her fans through her entertaining streams and content. While she may not have children, she has undoubtedly created a community that feels like a family, where fans can unite and share their love for gaming.

Ookiiieee Age, high weight, And physical appearance

Height in Centimetres
168 cm
Height in Meters
1.68 m
Height in Feet Inches
Body Measurement
Eye Colour
Hair Colour


Okie’s 23 years old, height around 5 feet 6 inches, and weight about 60 kg, physical appearance are not publicly known, as she prefers to keep her personal information private. However, we do know that Ookiiieee is a talented and passionate gamer who captivates her audience with her skills and entertaining personality. 


Her vibrant energy shines through her gameplay and streams, making her a beloved figure in the gaming community. While we may not know specific details about her age, height, or weight, it is clear that Ookiiieee’s talent and dedication to gaming are what truly make her stand out.

Ookiiieee before fame

Before becoming a famous gamer and influencer, Ookiiieee led a regular life like any other kid. She grew up passionate about video games, spending countless hours playing with her friends. She honed her skills and developed a deep love for gaming, eventually leading her to pursue it as a career. 

Ookiiieee’s dedication and passion for gaming set her on a path to success. Little did she know that her love for games would propel her into the spotlight, making her one of the world’s most beloved and popular gamers.

Ookiiieee career

Ookiiieee’s gaming career began to take off when she started streaming on Twitch. Her energetic and entertaining personality and impressive gaming skills quickly gained her a loyal fan base. As her popularity grew, Ookiiieee started collaborating with other popular gamers and brands, further expanding her reach in the gaming community. 

She has also dabbled in other areas, such as modeling and influencer work on OnlyFans. Despite some controversies and criticisms along the way, Ookiiieee continues to thrive in her career, constantly creating content that resonates with her audience. Her passion for gaming shines through in everything she does, and fans eagerly await her next gaming adventure.

Ookiiieee Legacy and Impact

Ookiiieee has had a lasting impact on the gaming community and has left a legacy that will not be forgotten. Her vibrant personality and impressive gaming skills have inspired and entertained countless fans. She has created a solid and supportive community where fans can come together and share their love for gaming.

 Ookiiieee’s influence extends beyond her gameplay, as she paved the way for other female gamers to succeed in a male-dominated industry. She has shown that anyone, regardless of gender, can excel in gaming. Ookiiieee’s legacy will continue to inspire and empower future generations of gamers.

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Ookiiieee Net Worth and Achievements

Ookiiieee has achieved significant success in her gaming career, which has undoubtedly contributed to her impressive net worth of $500k. Through her Twitch streams and influential presence on social media, she has amassed a large following and has been able to monetize her content effectively. Ookiiieee has also collaborated with various brands, increasing her earnings and overall net worth.

 Her achievements extend beyond financial success, as she has become a respected figure in the gaming community. She has inspired and entertained countless fans through her gameplay, and her impact continues to grow. Ookiiieee’s achievements reflect her hard work, talent, and dedication to her craft.

Ookiiieee Future Plans and Projects 

Ookiiiee has big plans for her future in the gaming industry. She wants to continue creating content that brings joy and entertainment to her fans. Ookiiieee has expressed interest in expanding her Twitch channel and collaborating with other popular gamers. 

She also aspires to start her clothing line and merchandise to connect with her fans more personally. In addition, Ookiiieee hopes to participate in gaming tournaments and showcase her skills on a competitive level. With her dedication and passion for gaming, there’s no doubt that Ookiiieee’s future will be filled with exciting projects and opportunities. Stay tuned to see what she has in store!

Reaction of Fans and Followers

Ookiiieee’s fans and followers have shown overwhelming support and admiration for her. They constantly cheer her on during her Twitch streams, leaving comments filled with encouragement and appreciation. Many of them have formed strong connections with Ookiiieee and consider themselves part of her community. 

They love her energetic and entertaining personality and her gaming skills. Ookiiieee’s fans are always excited to see what she will do next and eagerly await her future projects. They value her authenticity and the positive impact she has on their lives. Ookiiiee fans and followers genuinely admire and adore her, making her a beloved figure in the gaming community.

Controversies and Criticisms

Ookiiiee has faced her fair share of controversies and criticisms throughout her career. Some fans and followers have questioned her choices, especially regarding her involvement with OnlyFans and the leaked video incident. Others have criticized her gaming skills and claimed she is not as talented as she appears. 

However, it is essential to remember that everyone has opinions, and Ookiiieee has a dedicated fan base supporting her. Despite the controversies, she continues to thrive and create content that resonates with her audience. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to form their judgment on Ookiiiee and her work.

Ookiiieee Hobbies

  • Ookiiiee has a wide range of hobbies that she enjoys outside of gaming. Some of her favorite hobbies include:
  • Dancing: Ookiiiee loves to dance and often incorporates dance moves into her Twitch streams. She enjoys expressing herself through dance and brings her content a fun and energetic vibe.
  • Drawing and Painting: Ookiiiee is a talented artist and enjoys spending her free time drawing and painting. She loves to explore her creativity and often shares her artwork with her fans.
  • Cosplaying: Ookiiiee is a big fan of anime and enjoys cosplaying her favorite character. She puts a lot of effort into creating intricate costumes and loves to share her cosplay creations with her followers.
  • Traveling: Okie has a passion for travel and enjoys exploring new places. She has mentioned that Japan, South Korea, and Italy are some of her favorite destinations. She loves immersing herself in different cultures and experiencing new things.
  • Reading: Ookiiieee enjoys reading books, particularly fantasy and science fiction novels. She finds joy in getting lost in a good book and appreciates the storytelling and creativity that comes with reading.
  • Listening to Music: Ookiiiee loves to listen to music while gaming. Her favorite genres include pop, hip-hop, and EDM. Music helps to enhance her gaming experience and keeps her energized and focused.
  • These hobbies allow Ookiiieee to unwind and have fun outside of her gaming career. She is multi-talented and enjoys exploring different creative outlets and embracing her diverse interests.
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Favrioute things

  • Cookie’s favorite video game is “Fortnite”. She loves the exciting gameplay and the competitive nature of the game.
  • She is a huge anime fan and enjoys watching shows like “Attack on Titan” and “My Hero Academia.”
  • Okie loves to listen to music while gaming. Her favorite genres include pop, hip-hop, and EDM.
  • She enjoys trying different types of food worldwide, but her all-time favorite is sushi.
  • Okie loves to travel and explore new places. Some of her favorite destinations include Japan, South Korea, and Italy.
  • She enjoys reading books, especially fantasy and science fiction novels, in her free time.
  • Ookiiiee is a big fan of superhero movies and loves watching Marvel and DC films. Her favorite superhero is Spider-Man.
  • In the section “Ookiiiee Favrioute things,” we explore what Ookiiiee loves and enjoys in her personal life. These preferences give insight into her personality and help fans connect with her on a deeper level. From her favorite video game to her love for anime and music, Ookiiieee’s interests showcase her diverse tastes and passions. Whether trying new foods, traveling, or indulging in a good book or movie, Ookiiiee embraces a wide range of experiences and finds joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Interesting facts about Ookiiieee

  • Ookiiieee’s favorite video game is “Fortnite,” and she is known for her impressive skills in the game.
  • She loves animals, especially cats, and often shares pictures and videos of her cats on social media.
  • Ookiiieee is a huge anime fan and enjoys cosplaying as her favorite character.
  • She has a passion for fashion and enjoys creating unique and stylish outfits.
  • In addition to gaming, Ookiiiee loves to dance and often incorporates dance moves into her streams.
  • She is a talented artist and enjoys drawing and painting in her free time.
  • Ookiiieee is a philanthropist and has donated to various charities, showing her commitment to giving back to her community.
  • She has a great sense of humor and loves to make her fans laugh with her witty and entertaining commentary during her streams.


Who is Ookiiiee ?

Ookiiiee is a popular gamer, Twitch streamer, and influencer from the United States. She has gained a significant following for her gaming skills and entertaining content.

How old is Ookiiieee, and what are her height and weight?

 She prefers to keep her personal information private. Her Height 5’6 and weight around 60 kg.

Does Ookiiiee have any siblings?

It is unclear if Ookiiiee has siblings, as she has yet to share this information publicly.

Is Ookiiiee married or in a relationship?

Ookiiieee’s relationship status is unknown. She has not disclosed any information regarding her romantic life.

Does Ookiiiee have any children?

There needs to be more information available about whether Ookiiiee has any children.

What is Cookie’s career?

Ookiiiee is known for her gaming skills and Twitch streams. She has also gained attention as an OnlyFans model and influencer.

What are Ookiiieee’s plans and projects?

Ookiiiee has yet to reveal her plans and projects. However, fans can expect her to continue creating gaming content and engaging with her followers.


In conclusion, Ookiiieee is a talented and passionate gamer who has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. With her incredible gaming skills, vibrant personality, and dedication to her craft, she has become a beloved figure in the gaming community.

 Despite facing controversies and criticisms, Ookiiiee continues to thrive and create content that resonates with her audience. She has left a lasting impact on the gaming industry, inspiring and empowering future generations of gamers. As Ookiiieee’s journey unfolds, her fans eagerly await her future projects and can’t wait to see what she has in store.

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